Will The Internet Replace Your Phone Number?

By Adrian Bridgwater

Forbes discusses the future of communications, specifically various emerging real-time communications (RTC) tools. The article explains how WebRTC works and offers expert opinions from industry execs on pros and cons of this free and open source project designed to provide browsers and mobile applications with RTC capabilities. Anton Garkusha, a telecom expert at DataArt, shares his insight for the article.

“WebRTC provides a cheap alternative to complex telephony solutions. As an added plus, you can make it compatible with existing VoIP systems using WebRTC gateways. But keep in mind that if you’re setting up a big conference call, you will need another application to manage signalling between all the participants. A significant issue is that, despite WebRTC being supported by some major browsers, it’s not yet an industry standard – in other words, you still need a third party app for your smartphone. So far WebRTC has been a great choice for those who need to provide their customers with video or audio chatting directly from browsers, but several years down the road we could have a standard for online conferencing technology which will not require any third party plug-ins, it will just work as is,” said Anton Garkusha, VP of telecom solutions at global technology consulting firm DataArt.”

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