Why don’t cruise lines notify passengers of itinerary changes?

By Catharine Hamm, L.A. Times Travel editor

Travel Editor at the Los Angeles Times wonders why cruise lines don’t notify their passengers of itinerary changes, and refers to DataArt for expert opinion. Artyom Astafurov, Senior Vice President at DataArt shares his thoughts on the industry’s technology shortcomings and suggests ways for improvement.

“Some experts think cruise lines could make better use of mobile communications. “In my opinion, cruise ships are still playing a catch-up game,” technologically speaking, said Artyom Astafurov, senior vice president for DataArt, a “bespoke” software provider that also creates notification systems for travel companies. “The whole experience of being on a cruise ship is not that technologically supported. If you are notified on board, it will be done through the public address system” — not exactly cutting-edge technology, he said.”

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