Why Data Management Review Is Vital For Enterprise Health

By Michael Lazar

Michael Lazar, head of the Telecom Practice at DataArt, authors an article on enterprise data management for Enterprise Mobility Exchange. Against the backdrop of the FBI vs. Apple case and a ransomware attack on a U.S. hospital, Lazar proposes four key steps for enterprises to ensure that robust data management policies are in place.

“Most enterprises need to rethink their data management policies. They need to make sweeping changes and they need to implement them. Data today is no longer locked up in your datacenter or even in your employees’ laptops and desktops (you remember desktops right?). Frequent access to critical data is extended all the way from your data centre and any cloud operations to desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and now even wearable computing technology.

The following steps need to be set in place:

  1. Create a functional data map. Create a functional map of where your data resides and how it is accessed.
  2. Label your data. Assign a risk-level classification to each piece of data. Label each with what would happen to your business if this data were lost, destroyed, tampered with or accessed without authorisation.
  3. Review your data protection technologies and policies. Now that you have a map and labels, it is time to review how each piece of data is backed up and protected.
  4. Develop a remediation plan and implement it. The above process may reveal gaps between what the enterprise considers critical data and how it is protected.”

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