What Will Be the Next Biggest Technology to Disrupt Business?

By Kathryn Cave

IDG Connect asked industry thought leaders what the next biggest technology to disrupt business will be. Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, talked of the zero UI approach. The other most frequently mentioned technologies included AI, Blockchain, robotics in manufacturing and proactive automation among others.

“Simplification of interaction will be the next big disruption. Within the next few years we will see full adoption of a “Zero UI” (user interface) approach; AI (Artificial Intelligence), bots and so on. Basically, all stuff that stands between human being and technology will disappear. Yes, there will be no apps. Potentially, no phones.

We're already seeing the start of this process: Amazon Echo, Google’s forays into the same area, Apple’s recent announcement about Home (ex-HomeKit).”

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