What to Look for When Budgeting for 2018

Hospitality Net runs a bylined article on hotel technologies by Andrew Sanders, VP, Travel & Hospitality at DataArt. Sanders reviews specific tech trends in the hospitality industry and advises that a hotel’s choice of technologies should reflect its values and aspirations, commitment to guests and superior service.

“A new type of hotel competitor has been gaining ground quickly, and now the guest is more in control of their stay than ever before.

The challenge lies with hoteliers and their respective vendors determining the right combination of solutions that deliver either cost reductions or revenue gains as well as defining where to invest their CAPEX or OPEX dollars. We also mustn't forget about the guest. There are a plethora of technologies that are guest-facing – designed to help hotels build a better relationship with guests.

Some of the technology trends that are re-invigorating our industry and that should be considered for your 2018 budget:

  • Mobile - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) where people bring their mobile devices to watch (stream or cast) their own video content on the hotel TV.
  • Digital Keys - "Keyless entry" allows guests to bypass the front desk, sends a notification to staff before guests arrive, and gives guests the option to book a variety of hotel amenities directly from the app.
  • Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence - Provides more personalized offerings such as suggesting services based on previous purchases or submitted preferences.
  • Voice Activated Devices – Used as a channel of communication with the hotel (e.g., ordering room service or reporting issues with the room).
  • Wi-Fi - This seems like nothing new, but bad Wi-Fi can sink a hotel's reputation.

The goal… to help hotels choose and integrate the technologies that will clearly reflect their values and aspirations back to the guest.”

View original article here.

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