What the Whole World Can Learn from Travel Technology

Hotel News Resource runs an article by Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel and Hospitality at DataArt, on the transformations taking place in the travel industry, where he explains how establishing common standards helped to consolidate, simplify and streamline the once scattered process of travel planning, a valuable lesson to other industries.

"The Open Travel Alliance and industry leaders led the revolution by recognizing the lack of standards and pursuing solutions, taking advantage of the technology wave of the 20th and 21st century… This standardization reform opened up lines of communication across the industry, ushering in a new era of travel technology. Travel became less hectic and demanding on customers. Now the challenge for the travel industry is keeping that momentum going forward in a hyperglobalized, on-demand world. It is the age of smart technology, one in which cars will soon begin driving themselves and clothes will monitor health. Customers are opting more than ever for convenience and transparency. 

The leaders of the global technology industry should take note. With all the advances in technology taking place, consumers may be overwhelmed by the options that are opened up to them. Consumers don't necessarily want to check in to multiple apps to achieve common purposes, so just as the travel industry simplified with standards, so should the tech industry." 

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