What the Buy Side is Buying

By Alexander Makeyenkov

In a bylined article for Advanced Trading magazine, Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP of Capital Markets at DataArt, postulates that we have entered the era of Custom Application Development, since more and more off-the-shelf solutions are no match for today's hedge funds. Drawing on two examples of recently completed projects by DataArt, one – a risk management system for a leading European hedge fund with over $8 billion USD AUM, another a cash flow model calculations system for a prime brokerage, Makeyenkov concludes that the right technology partner is the key to success.

“Because the buy side's development needs are so specific and tailored to individual trading strategies, it is vital that custom development shops have detailed market knowledge and a keen understanding of the particular needs and challenges that these firms face. A good development partner is just that -- a partner, rather than a vendor, who understands the business' goals and can make recommendations and suggestions that will ultimately make the final product more useful and enduring. These sorts of partnerships will help accelerate the buy-side's technology revolution as they continue to leverage the newest and most innovative offerings to keep pace in today's dynamic markets.”

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