What Should Chief Security Officers Ask Santa for this Christmas?

By Duncan Macrae

TechWeek Europe asked several technology executives what they'd like for Christmas, to help solve the growing security challenges. In his whimsical request, Alexei Miller, Managing Director at DataArt, asks Santa to bring back the simplicity to the IT world:

"Dear Santa,

This Christmas, please bring me a simple pill. I really need it to get simple again. I’ve been a good boy all year, but this stuff is now hard. IT used to be simple. We had IBM and then Microsoft and that was it. It was simple and beautiful. Now you have all these clouds and Cassandras and Apache Mesoses (or is it Apache Moses, in which case I should pay more attention) and Kafkas and Dell buying EMC and on top of it all business people want their apps to look beautiful. They are crazy! Listen Santa, please bring me my life back or I will hire Chinese hackers to hack into your sleigh and steal all the presents."

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