What Healthcare Systems Can Do to Engage Patients in Chronic Conditions Management

By Daniel Piekarz

HealthIT and mHealth features Daniel Piekarz, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, as he envisions a transformation from the patient portals of today to the healthcare platforms of the near future.

“Currently, healthcare systems are starting to realize the necessity of shifting towards customer-centric services and the value of embracing technological advancements in the area of UI/UX design to better engage with patients.

The Care Companion is one example of a good recipe for patient engagement. The ingredients that make it successful include: thorough research into patients’ needs, development of patient personas, highly customized services, engaging interface design and relevant content.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 will open up health records for use by external APIs (Application Program Interfaces), allowing third party technology companies to offer their services and apps to patients based on their unique health records. This will inevitably lead to competition between technology companies to become the provider of the universal patient portal- a convenient API-based marketplace for medical care and other health-related services.”

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