What Has Apple Really Brought to the Table With Its Smartwatch?

Anton Garkusha, a software architect at DataArt, contributes an opinion piece to the Wired blog on the fate of the newly released Apple Watch.

“In spite of the number of skeptics that hemmed and hawed ahead of the release, something that a lot of people had been anticipating has finally happened: Apple has entered into a new market territory in which it does not have an established track record… This time around though, Apple is not the breakout company forging ahead into the smart watch market. Since this particular market is already full of various devices from Apple’s direct competitors, it would take some considerable effort for the Cupertino-based company to invent something truly groundbreaking…

One of the biggest weapons in Apple’s arsenal is their newly designed operational system… The new icons with their honeycomb-like placements on the main screen are certainly a highlight of the Apple Watch release, mostly because this is the very first time that Apple has presented icons in this way… Overall, the fact that the Apple Watch is not just a smaller iPhone but a brand new device with new methods of interaction with the user is an achievement in and of itself, at least because Apple has made an attempt to create something original. Only time will tell though if this wearable will be consumer-friendly and whether it will become a de facto standard in the industry…

As with some of its other products, I think that the success of the Apple Watch will be tied to the resourceful and initiative iOS developers who will flood the marketplace with innovative apps that broadly appeal to consumers - something which Apple surely anticipates. Although the Apple Watch is a good, although somewhat unoriginal addition to the smartwatch market, I believe it will be thanks to these developers that the wearable will turn into a truly unique product and dominant player in the marketplace.”

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