Voice of the People

In ERT Magazine, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, comments on the prospects of voice as the primary mode of human interaction with electronics. He believes that the variety of ‘skills’ will become the key differentiating factor between competing voice platforms.

"Many experts have been calling 2017 the ‘Year of Voice,’ but 2018 will see voice make far bigger impacts on revenue,’ says Sergey Bludov, senior vice-president of media and entertainment at global technology consultancy DataArt. He thinks that a ‘voice user experience’ has huge potential to become the de facto way we interact with electronics, and that 2018 will see more of a focus on ‘skills’. This is where a voice assistant exerts control over a third-party device, usually a smart home gadget."

"Now that Google Assistant and Alexa are openly accessible to third-party developers, the software, not the hardware, will largely determine success in the market of voice-activated technology,’ says Mr Bludov. Alexa currently has 15,000+ skills, and among other things can control Philips Hue smart bulbs, control a Nest thermostat, play music from Spotify, order a pizza from Domino’s or call Uber. The Google Assistant has fewer skills, largely because it’s younger, but it can still talk to most of the same things."

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