Virtual Care Holds Answers to Access, Quality and Cost, but Needs Tight Integration and the Right Mix of Clinicians to Work

By John Andrews

Daniel Piekarz, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, speaks with Healthcare IT News ​about virtual care centers, their customer experience benefits as well as efficiency and cost merits, but notes that brick and mortar facilities and face-to-face interaction will always remain part of healthcare.

“Logistically, a face-to-face physician office visit can be a convoluted series of processes and time-consuming exercises that outstrip the value of the appointment for patients and physicians. ‘Patients get discouraged with having to see the doctor because they have to take time off work and spend an exorbitant amount of time waiting. Virtual care centers are the antidote to that problem at a tenth of the cost of a face-to-face meeting.’

The viable virtual care centers operating today are situated to deliver care through electronic means with the "right mix" of physicians, nurses, therapists, technicians and experts, Piekarz said. By having a team of clinicians under one roof, it eliminates the circuitous referral process of going from primary care doctor to the specialist to the diagnostic center and back."

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