Valphi Launches Proprietary Technology Tool Built by DataArt

Financial IT picks up the news of a Paris-based corporate valuation and stock market research specialist Valphi, launching its proprietary technology tool built by DataArt. The value of the tool is in harnessing humans’ excellence in visual pattern recognition for more accurate and informed investment decisions.

“The new product will significantly improve decisions taken by financial institutions as it provides world-beating information on investments, served up with state-of-the-art visualisations.

From initial concept through to delivery, award-winning global technology consultancy DataArt participated and supported Valphi at every level of the development of their product, helping to create a usable and business outcome- driven solution different from anything else on offer for investors.

Alexander Makeyenkov, Senior Vice President, DataArt Finance Practice said:‘While so much innovation in the financial services today is focused on the algorithm arms race of building the best AI-driven trading platform, Valphi’s solution enables users to complement currently available AI solutions. This creates a real competitive advantage for users, letting them develop distinct investment strategies.’

Emmanuel Dayan, Managing Partner, Valphi said:‘DataArt have been instrumental in helping us realise our vision for investment information. They soon became an indispensible part of our team as we moved from ideation to delivery….With DataArt’s support, Valphi can now bring to market a platform that merges the latest developments in financial services data with a visualised user experience that enables and encourages the human brain to identify and exploit trends.’”

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