Understanding Desktop Integration, with Peter Vaihansky of DataArt

Peter Vaihansky, SVP at DataArt, joins Nasdaq TradeTalks to discuss the interoperability of desktop applications and the possibility of making desktop experience resemble the seamless communication between apps on our phones.

«So if you imagine a finance professional desk, let’s say a trader, like you could have four, six, eight monitors and you have dozens of applications running your OMS, UAMS as your market data platform, your watch list, your order book, credit risk settlement, chat, charting, email, CRM, all those things, right? And they’re all spread over a multitude of monitors and configured just so the human being ends up being the integration layer between all of these disparate applications that were all built at different times by different vendors perhaps. So you still have in 2020, you have people copying and pasting information from one mission-critical assistant to another. »

«Now, on the other hand, that same person, and you and I, every day we have access to far superior user experience, let’s say on our phones, right? Where everything is built to work very nicely and play very well together. All of our applications in our phones are seamlessly integrated. You can do one tap from your email and create a calendar appointment. In your calendar appointment, you can do one tap and jump to your maps to show you the location of that meeting. From there, you can call your Uber. From your Uber, you can share your location with your friends, whatever you want to do. It kind of all works auto-magically. Right? So the question is why can’t we have that? Why don’t we have that on a desktop as finance professionals?»

«Having this common language, having the discoverability — apps can discover each other and be discovered and share data using common sets of data definitions and advertise their capabilities to one another. And that’s precisely what FDC3 is all about...FDC3 stands for Financial Desktop Connectivity and Collaboration Consortium. It was founded in 2017 by Open Fin, and it’s being supported by Finos, which is a FinTech Open Source Foundation... The idea behind FDC3 is proposing and developing a standard for precisely this collaboration, a seamless, true plug and play integration without any prior bilateral agreements where two apps can end up from different providers on the same desktop and just interoperate seamlessly out of the box because they’re built on that same standard.»

Original video is available here.

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