Travel Agent 2020

Greg Abbott, SVP of Travel and Hospitality at DataArt, shares his view of the changing role of the travel agent with Next Big Thing. The article is also featured in Hospitality Net and Hotel News Resource.

“Today youth travelers turn to travel agents because of the presumed knowledge of destinations and local providers. Travelers want ‘local experiences’ in their destinations combined with the comforts of home. They want local food, drinks, and events to give them the feeling of being immersed in the local culture. The ability of travel agents to provide this unique, personalized experiences is a great motivator for travelers…Full AI ignores the whimsical nature (or indecisiveness) of the Millennial traveler.

…Moreover, when it comes to security, it’s easier to get a travel agent to plan all the intricacies of a trip than to do it independently. If something goes wrong on vacation, travelers want an expert who knows how to solve the problems, a human validator who can relieve all the frustration for the traveler. 

…All in all, despite the negative forecasts over the past decade, travel agents have proven to be more valuable than anyone ever expected.”

View original article here, here and here.

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