Touring Egypt in August – Are you mad?

By Charlotte Lamp Davies, DataArt

Charlotte Lamp Davies, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, shares with TTG media her experience of touring Egypt. Her journey lies through Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Hurgada, exploring the mystery of the Great Pyramids, the unique setting of Aswan, the tranquility of camel riding and sleeping under the desert sky and swimming in the sparkling waters of the River Nile. As for the prudent warnings about the blazing heat of the August Egyptian sun, to this Charlotte owes yet another beauty so rare – an authentic tourist free experience.

“From camel trekking, visiting numerous temples and landmarks, sailing and sleeping on a felucca, to snorkeling in the Red Sea the holiday was an amazing exploration of one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries on earth… Magical moments during our stay on the Nile included camel riding in the desert and a visit to St Simeons Monastery; sailing down the Nile on a felucca, swimming in the Nile with the local kids; picking fresh dates on the river banks; sleeping in the open air and being softly woken at dawn by the call to prayer from a mosque in the distance. These memories will live on for a long time.

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