Today’s Consumer Trends Reveal Tomorrow’s Mobile OS Winners

By Denis Margolin

Denis Margolin, Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, contributed a by-lined article to Mobile Dev & Design magazine, which was highlighted as a featured Tutorial. The article discusses the split in mobile development for iOS, Android and WP7 smart phones, tablet wars and what to expect in 2012.

"The 2012 mobile marketplace is already looking like a noisy, crowded confluence of stakeholders. Given the amount of distraction it’s hard to understand where to look, what’s important, and what’s not. As a result, application developers tend to wait to be sure what they observe is a trend and not a random fluctuation.

Developers and publishers take about six months to react to changes in consumer demands. Then tack on the three to six months needed to develop an app and you’re facing almost a year of overhead between the motion in the consumer market and the observed change in the software market associated with it. Of all the new things we can expect for 2012, the decrease of diversion fads over sustainable developer trends is not one of them."

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