To Russia with Love

By Suzanne Stevens

Corporate Deal Maker, a sister publication of The Deal magazine, salutes Russia for its "world-class science and engineering talent". "The country is emerging as a prime destination for software application development, system design, computational modeling and other complex technical work."

The article features DataArt as an example of a strong R&D operation, quoting Eugene Goland, "Russian companies have a much higher success rate on projects that require lots of research and scientific skill, and less on projects that require a high level of documentation and longer-term management skills... I'm pretty sure India will remain the destination for general and large-scale outsourcing and Russia will become more and more known for its high-level technical skills." The article goes on to highlight a case study of Bonland Industries, which turned to DataArt after "disappointing results" with an Indian vendor. "The hourly rate was slightly higher than in India, but according to Bonland's president for information systems, the quality and technical capabilities of the Russian team more than made up for the difference in price."

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