This Time it isn’t Personal: Why I Threw Alexa Away in Fifteen Minutes

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, questions the current application of digital personal assistants in Huffpost Tech. He argues that the real value of these devices lies in the area of our work lives rather than our personal lives.

“What would really be helpful is an automated PA, not an automated butler. For this to work, however, would require the development of a work-focused ecosystem that uses artificial intelligence and voice control to link together all your work functions.

There is a chance to utilise existing technology to create a proactive working assistant, one that knows your calendar, work streams, emails, and the lot. One that can bring this all together into a single system controlled by your voice and can actually provide real benefits, working in a proactive manner.

In the race to create something interesting out of smart speakers, personal was lost, assistance was lost and all that remained was digital. The unrivalled king of our working lives, Microsoft, now has a clear opportunity to really utilise this technology for our benefit and further cement itself as the tech company for work by once again providing real business benefits from technology. Not just creating a ‘fun’ toy for ‘interesting’ facts."

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