The Russian Myth

The Myth of Russian outsourcing is revealed on the pages of June's issue of Waters Magazine, a leading financial publication, as contributed by DataArt's EVP Alexei Miller. "Today's Russia has the right combination of talent, expertise and cost to be the location of choice for developing financial technology," states the article. Miller goes on to address the cultural, political and legal issues of Russian outsourcing, and informs the readers that many "myths" belong to the past, while current Russia provides a new breed of highly educated, English-speaking experts. "While India and China lead the way in number, overall size and revenue volume of outsourcing vendors, Russian IT companies are often built on the "boutique" vs. "wholesale" approach, focusing on solving advanced R&D problems. Thus, most large projects demanding standardized solutions are often outsourced to India, and specialized R&D tasks go to Eastern Europe."

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