The Road to HIPAA Compliance

Egor Kobelev, VP of Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt, shares his thoughts on the steps that companies need to take to be  HIPAA compliant, noting that only a few challenges are technology related. 

“HIPAA compliance implementation is not a straightforward exercise, and a larger portion of its complexity resides in the very first step – planning. There are as many approaches to the process as the number of companies moving towards HIPAA compliance. Each plan is rather unique and heavily depends on the type of company (Hospital, Health Plan, Insurance Company, Clearing House, 3rd Party Administrators, etc.), as well as its specific needs and goals. Through helping our customers we’ve built a solid knowledge base around specific types of HIPAA compliance implementation and have come up with our own unique approach to it.

When it comes to planning, I would roughly define three specific areas to be affected by HIPAA compliance: the process, infrastructure, and technology.”

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