The relationship between in-house and external IT

Eugene Veselov, Delivery Manager at DataArt, discusses what constitutes an effective balance of in-house and external IT in Dell’s Tech Page One.

“Keeping everything in-house tends to isolate a firm’s tech staff from the latest thinking, developments and approached to technology… Equally, the total outsource model will not deliver for a firm. … External tech consultants are experts in the world of technology, the kings of ‘planet tech’; they are not experts in a firm’s business strategy and only visitors to ‘planet company’.

So instead, the most efficient model, which provides the best results, is a partnership between a strong, but cost efficient, internal IT department and external consultants and service providers with best-in-the-business technological knowledge.

The role of an in-house IT department should be to bridge technology and business strategy, to integrate a company’s tech into the business objectives of that firm.”

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