The Internet of Things in Travel – Great With Machines, Less so With People

Tnooz, the leading UK travel publication, covers DataArt’s Question Time panel, “IoT in Travel”, the third annual event, it produced in conjunction with Tnooz in London.

“As things stand, the internet of things (IoT) in a travel context is all about B2B operations, with the jury is still out on its application as a consumer-facing concept. “Privacy and security” are now the inevitable and expected gatecrashers at most travel tech discussions. Greg Abbott, senior vice president of DataArt’s travel and hospitality unit, made an important distinction between the two. Security in an IoT context would be “stopping someone hacking into the heating controls in the boardroom” and he suggested that IoT could be a security threat “because innovation leaps forward, beyond what security can tighten up.” Hackers accessing the flight controls of an aircraft using the inflight entertainment system as the access point is a theoretical example of how IoT could be a security threat. The privacy side of IoT again falls into general discussions around privacy and convenience, cool versus creepy, the value of one’s own data.”

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