The Importance of Openness to the Internet of Things

By Jack Germain

Jack Germain of LinuxInsider discusses the need for true openness in order for the Internet of Things (IoS) to flourish and speaks with Artyom Astafurov of DataArt.

"Consumers today are in an awkward position. Personal privacy is being wiped out by the Internet. At the same time, new technologies that interconnect our devices with our homes and office environments are offering stupendous advantages.

Welcome to the Internet of Things' new world of openness... From a technology standpoint, let's shift the focus from consumer privacy to the need to share protocols among product makers in the interest of IoT interconnectivity.

... A manufacturer buying into the openness movement is DataArt. The company develops custom software for select industries. It recently announced its open source M2M framework DeviceHive.

The framework, which is an IoT comms platform, is designed to allow developers to focus on building IoT apps without having to focus on the foundation layer technology. That will encourage innovation, enabling the IoT to move forward at a faster clip.

"DeviceHive will be able to energize the IoT by decreasing prototyping and development costs for new devices," Artyom Astafurov, chief innovation officer at DataArt, told LinuxInsider.

Essentially, developers will not have to re-do any plumbing. For the users of this solution, this is making the development process more agile, Astafurov said.

The process allows them to put together different pieces of technology that solve specific problems in less time. This lowers the barriers to entry for new players in the market, he explained.

"For example, if you want to borrow an idea from the next big thing in wearables and switch it over to chasing the success of Nest Thermostat using DeviceHive, the underlying communications and protocols would essentially be the same," noted Astafurov."

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