The Importance of Business Travel Innovation

By Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott, SVP, Travel and Hospitality Practice, DataArt, shares with Hotel News Resource an overview of the innovation in the business travel sector, including the evolution of AI and Bots, alternative lodging challenges and the shifting focus from the CFO to the end customer.


“The recent rise of AI technology in the business travel industry is due in large part to the advancing technology and growing consumer acceptance of automated services.

There are several companies in the travel industry that are employing AI to augment services provided by human agents, such as Lola and Pana. One of the key drivers for using this technology is cost-savings, with AI attempting to answer customer queries first, thereby allowing companies to reserve their human assets for the highest value work. While many believe that AI is not yet at the point where it can entirely replace human interaction, other companies are already going completely virtual with their efforts. HelloGbye provides one of these services, which allows consumers to message travel plans via a chat interface and creates an itinerary for up to nine people in an initial search, with no human agents being used to fulfill requests.

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