The Friday Interview: Roman Chernyshev, SVP Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt

For their weekly interview, Pixel Health caught up with Roman Chernyshev, Senior Vice President – Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, to discuss the future of technology in the world of health and how data can unlock the potential for vastly improved services.

What’s coming next from DataArt?

DataArt always comes up with innovative and responsive solutions to help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We constantly run R&D projects inside the company and create demo apps. One of them is KidPRO, which is a user interface for an ePRO (electronic patient reported outcomes) system or a patient diary which is customized for children who take part in clinical trials or need to manage a chronic health condition. KidPRO combines pieces of professional medical software with gamification elements and a simple UI to make it appealing for children. Another project, MedAR, is an image recognition and augmented reality application that can facilitate pharma sales and marketing, and improve patient adherence to medication. MedAR efficiently recognizes medications and instantly provides a user with relevant information about the medication, including drug facts, uses, directions, links to videos and the manufacturer’s website, and more. We have also created a number of Data Analytics and Visualization tools. Right now we’re looking into how social media data can be leveraged in healthcare and life sciences and what value it can bring. For example, we believe that by checking how their drugs trend on Twitter and Facebook, pharma companies can hugely improve understanding of their market."

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