The Four Big Trends in the Communications Marketplace for 2016

By Chris Wilder.

Forbes looks ahead at communications trends in 2016, listing a few key market players to watch for. DataArt is highlighted as a firm that adjusted its business model to provide consulting within specific vertical markets and is at the forefront of integrating open source technologies into its solutions.

“Open source will continue to create a significant disruption on how companies engage partners and system integrators: Unless you have been under a rock for the past year, it is impossible to discount how disruptive open source has been within the technology industry. The effects have had a profound impact not just on how companies develop and deploy technology, but how they engage with their partners and systems integrators… Enterprises have been finding success working with small teams of developers that can take advantage of the open source community to develop and/or deploy the functionality and integration points they need for a fraction of time and cost.“

  • What’s Hot: GitHub, open source as a development strategy
  • What’s Not: High-dollar, long-term deployment projects by systems integrators and consultants
  • Who to Watch: SPAN Systems, Impaq, and DataArt

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