The changing face of healthcare and life sciences: The impact of big data

By Daniel Piekarz

Daniel Piekarz, VP of Business Development for Life Sciences at DataArt discusses the impact of big data on the healthcare industry, and outlines the advantages and challenges facing the industry.

“The life sciences and healthcare industry in 2014 has been defined by the growing market demand to apply newly developed technology, including big data analysis, to healthcare and medical device practices…Tied to the big data trend is the emergence of personal healthcare data aided by physicians’ adoption of EHR (electronic health record) technology. By allowing patients to own and access their healthcare data on a healthcare information dashboard, patients can more easily understand risks and preventable care options. Pooling anonymized patient data together gives physicians and researchers a valuable data set that can be used to discover disease patterns leading to better diagnosis, and physicians are already starting to work with vendors to develop big data diagnostic tools…
It’s important to note that while early identification and diagnosis of diseases is a great potential value of new big data technology, predictive models can also be created to help life sciences companies develop more efficient and effective medicine and clinical trial strategies.”

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