The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online

by Scott McCartney

Wall Street Journal discusses optimal ways of booking affordable flights in the plethora of options provided by today's technologies and vendors, from Travelocity and Skyscanner to Kyayak and Google Flights, and seeks expert opinions from the industry's leaders, including that of David Tossell, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt.

"Many consumers believe smart shoppers need to clear the cache and cookies in their own computers—elements merchants store so they recognize you when you return and tailor advertising and offers to your interests. The fear is that if airlines and travel sites know you go to Cleveland regularly on Friday afternoons, they may only show you higher fares to Cleveland for Friday afternoon flights.

Experts say there’s no evidence of that. There have been some instances of hotel pricing being tailored to particular customers, but not with airlines. Airline websites guarantee they have the airline’s lowest prices, and it’s cheaper for airlines if consumers book directly with them rather than through third parties. If they discriminated against customers in pricing, smart shoppers would find cheaper fares on other airlines, says David Tossell, vice president of travel and hospitality at DataArt, a technology consulting firm, and a former Travelocity manager.
“There is a point where people become price-sensitive,” he says."

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