The Art and Science of Solution Design Part 3 of 4: Human Engineering​

By Greg Abbott

Hospitality Net runs the third article on solution design by Greg Abbott, head of the Travel Practice at DataArt, as he explores the human engineering aspect of solution design and its critical role in the success of all development projects.

“While the technical engineering component of Solution Design is vital, software development is a human-centered process.

…Establishing a process where the primary stakeholders have participated in designing the solution is a critical component to ensuring that they will embrace and champion the final product. Truly, the process is as important as the outcome, allowing the solution to emerge through the genuine collaboration of all interested parties.

The human engineering aspect of successful Solution Design requires the ability to be equally comfortable talking to all facets of an organization, including technical, management, visionary, and financial, to fully understand the comprehensive needs of the company as a development plan is determined.

…Certainly, many projects involve a dramatic series of concepts and goals from a wide range of stakeholders with varied interests from their business units. The design team must consider each of these inputs to ensure that everyone feels that they have a voice, while preventing the project from becoming so fractional that it cannot be completed within the specified budget and timeline.

…The key to successful human engineering is to thoroughly analyze and manage stakeholder expectations to align with objectives to best meet business constraints. Tying these elements together to result in the actual outcome that the client wants is the art of solution design.”

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