The Art and Science of Solution Design Part 2 of 4: Technical Engineering

By Greg Abbott

Hospitality Net publishes the second article on solution design by Greg Abbott, head of the Travel & Hospitality Practice at DataArt. Abbott gives a thorough overview of the factors that constitute a comprehensive approach to technical engineering, which is one of the critical components of successful solution design

“Successful technical engineering requires the development team to get back to basics to determine the answers to key questions before product development commences. For one, what is the architecture that you will build the platform on? ...It is therefore important to define a structured solution that meets all of the technical and operational requirements of the company, while ensuring that the final product can be seamlessly integrated into the current processes of the business.

Technological development plans must be optimized for performance, manageability, and security, as each of these decisions will have a significant impact on the quality and overall success of the end solution. Poor architecture can create highly unfavorable results in the long-term, such as a solution that lacks stability, is difficult to deploy, or is unable to support either current or future requirements of the business.

Another key component to ensuring effective technical engineering is the determination of the connection points that will be required in the end product. Does the company need multifaceted software that will provide the ability to utilize the solution in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer scenarios? Is an e-commerce component necessary in the current or future business model of the organization?”

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