The Art and Science of Solution Design

By Greg Abbott

Hospitality Net features Greg Abbott, head of the Travel Practice at DataArt, as he explores the concept of solution design and its role in the ultimate success of development projects, many of which fail due to a less than systematic approach to upfront analysis, planning and stakeholder involvement.

“Solution design is the re-imagination of development services with a consultative and holistic approach that helps organizations create the most effective solution within their existing constraints to ensure the ultimate success of a project. This process requires equal parts technical engineering and human engineering to ensure the success of a project from the initial analysis stage through to the final deliverable product.

There is typically a range of potential solutions that exist for every aspect of a project. By working closely with the key stakeholders, the designer can fully understand the goals to determine the best solution that fits within the client's priorities, budget, timeframe and technical constraints. The process of engaging all of the clients is as important as the outcome, allowing the solution to emerge through the genuine collaboration of all interested parties.”

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