THack SF Shows Just How Fresh Thinking Can Impact Travel Products

The travel industry's leaders gathered at the headquarters of Hotel Tonight in San Francisco, for an annual THack, where DataArt's Greg Abbott presented Fitour, an iPhone app to help users select favorite activities while traveling..

"Coded hack:

Greg Abbott from DataArt presented another judge’s favorite:, which uses new data unlocked by the M7 chip in the new iPhone 5C to bring “intensity level” as a new data point for tour decisions. Basically, tour guides or participants are given a device – or a way to opt in on a current device – to track their movements throughout a tour. This information is then captured and delivered right into the tour description, showing a traveler how much energy could be expended given the intensity level of the tour – miles traveled, feet climbed, length of time.

By integrating with APIs from other “move tracking” services such as Nike+ and Moves, the app allows a brand-new area of data to be including in the decision making process for travel. This could seriously change the way a certain sub-set of tour providers – and travelers – interact with tour inventory. This hack also has the potential to reframe the way an active traveler views the T&A sector. Rather than a “boring tour,” this is a lucrative opportunity to merge the significant travel and active markets. Travelers seeking more active tours could be matched with personal trainers who are now adding a new specialty to their offering: a mix of sightseeing and exercise that sheds new light on the destination."

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