Telecom Operators Are Set to Take Advantage of NFV, SDN and Cloud to Increase Agility and Better Compete Against OTT Players

By Michael Lazar

Michael Lazar, VP Telecom, DataArt, shares his outlook for the telecom industry in 2017 with RCRWireless News. He highlights carrier virtualization and consequent improvement in the speed of delivery of new services as a major trend. Carriers will finally have flexible enough infrastructure and lowered opex and capex to compete with OTT vendors in delivering disruptive OTT (Over-The-Top) services.

“2016 saw both a lot of hype and progress around carrier virtualization and the associated technologies that have promised to deliver telecom agility. From network functions virtualization, management and network orchestration, mobile edge computing and '5G' trials (to name a few) there can be little doubt that the industry has embraced new technologies and processes meant to transform their ability to deliver new and disruptive services at a rapid pace, a pace so far only delivered by over-the-top providers.

2017 will see providers start putting all the pieces together to enable what they have been striving for over the last several years; a reliable and flexible infrastructure that will accelerate service delivery. While many of the pieces to enable rapid service roll outs have been in various stages of definition including testing and delivery, the new year will see a push from the carriers and providers to start integrating these systems into the telecom system delivery life cycle, in other words, the real world.

2017 will not see the introduction of 'many' new technologies in telecom, rather it will see the deliberate integration of several available technologies to deliver end-to-end solutions… The most disruptive part of the new paradigm is the ability to deliver services far quicker and with less business and technical risk.”

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