Tablets Need The Right UI To Succeed

By Denis Margolin

Denis Margolin, a Vice President of Mobile Solutions at DataArt, contributes a bylined article on intricacies of tablet user interfaces.

“Switching to the touch-enabled user interface (UI), the native user interface (NUI) is a drastically new paradigm. It wouldn’t be unfair to compare this situation to the early 1990s, when the industry switched to graphical UI from alphanumeric terminals… Tablets are still widely perceived as a toy and a fad. They require a totally different approach to UI, and the techniques transferred from the desktop simply don’t work. While these new approaches are still in the early development stages, the public is failing to recognize the potential of this new platform… As a vendor, we try to give usability advice in these contexts, but it’s harder to do compared to developing traditional desktop or Web-based software. There are no conventions or hard patterns to be reused. Therefore, our usability experts have to sit down and work out the UI almost from scratch each time.”

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