Software Developers Gladly Hop on the Cloud Bandwagon

By Paul Krill

Paul Krill of InfoWorld writes that while debate on mass acceptance of cloud computing rages on, "for software developers, it has become clear that cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Windows Azure are expanding options for their application deployments."

The article cites DataArt's involvement in the cloud computing space:
"At DataArt, a software development outsourcing venture, the company is readying cloud development efforts with some internal development. But DataArt has not yet developed any cloud applications for customers. One of the company's clients wants a cloud-based medical records system. "They're going to build it from the ground up and they want Azure to be their platform for developing," says Roman Chernyshev, DataArt's vice president of engineering. DataArt's client hopes to start out on Azure, then move their application in-house, since it might be cheaper to run its own datacenter once it has thousands of customers, Chernyshev says.

Moving to the cloud means just minor differences for developers
There are some differences in developing cloud applications, such as the need to debug on a staging environment, says Chernyshev. "It's a little bit different, but I can't say that it's more difficult or less difficult. It's just another way of building applications," he says."

View original article on InfoWorld, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld.

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