Snap Back to Reality — the Future of AR

By Dmitry Bagrov

In his post to Huffpost Tech, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, looks at the Augmented Reality (AR) future where we can bypass device-based interfaces and consume enriched content directly from our surroundings.

“Already augmented reality is being applied to what we hear. Products such as ‘Here’ are allowing people to modify the sound they hear from the outside word. I recently took this to a concert and could change the sound like I was sitting at home listening to music.

…All this technology exists today in one form or another. Hyperloop Transportation Technology (the non-Musk hyperloop company) is already displaying its concept of on-screen augmented reality, coming into a city the train passengers of the very near future will be able to get all the information they need just by looking at the window. Companies like Navdy and Hudway are developing heads up displays for our cars, providing information in front of our eyes in a safe and efficient format.

…No more screen addiction, no more viewing the world through the prism of our phones. Information will be right in front of our eyes, in our ears and all around us… The rise and rise of augmented reality will snap us back to reality, away from devices and into the world.”

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