Six Reasons to Believe in Argentina

By Cliff Moyce and Marcos Mauro

Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, and Marcos Mauro, Head of its Buenos Aires office, share with Nearshore Americas their views on what makes Argentina one of the best sourcing locations for high-level tech solutions: education and diversity, culture, attitude and experience, market maturity, proximity and value for money.

“With a new president, the country looks poised to emerge from the economic turmoil that has mired its ability to do business for the past decade. That has been the largest factor making companies avoid what was once arguably the best nation in the region in terms of having a large talent pool of high-level tech providers.

When somebody studies in Argentina, being aware of other cultures becomes so natural, so obvious that it allows the education system to create a particular kind of cosmopolitan, tolerant and cultured professional. …Over 70% of students in Argentina work during their education. Many work in IT, which means that graduates often come with a top-notch engineering degree, plus six years of software development experience, and a high level of commitment.

Of these, it’s probably the struggle to learn and work at the same time that matters most. Working full-time through your education requires some serious compromises — and this forges the right kind of attitude and work ethic.”

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