Russia: From the Lab to the Back Office

By Nilotpal Chakravarti

Global Outsourcing online, the leading resource for offshore outsourcing in South Asia, reviews Russia's potential and achievements in the area of IT outsourcing, particularly in the financial technology space. Russia "has 20 times as many scientists on a per capita basis, as compared to India; a vast majority of Russian software engineers and computer programmers have MS or PhD degrees in mathematics or physics; and Russia is the first destination for research and innovation, where India is the choice for standard IT jobs, with lots of coding requirements", the article quotes RusSoft.

"Not wanting to lag behind" the Western financial markets, "many Russian vendors are investing heavily into knowledge transfer and business domain skills across the organization, to capture the business pie, states the article, and continues", states the article and cites DataArt as one of the key players in the niche. "According to DataArt Executive Vice-President, Alexei Miller, "Today's Russia has the right combination of talent, expertise, and cost to be the location of choice for developing financial technology."

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