Roundup: What’s next for Microsoft? Tech executives speak out

Opinions vary on the next step for Microsoft after CEO Steve Ballmer steps down. TechRepublic's roundtable of IT executives gives insight on the public mindset about the upcoming changes.” Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, speaks with Teena Hammond of Tech Republic.

TechRepublic: What will be the main concerns for Microsoft once Steve Ballmer steps down?

Bagrov: “I think the actual fact that Steve Ballmer has stepped down does not change anything in terms of the biggest problem in front of Microsoft – that is, to take it to the post-PC era. With Michael Dell now in control of Dell and firmly promising to go mobile, it is becoming even more important. Google and Apple are not going to wait around.”

TechRepublic: Who do you think would be best in the role as the new CEO of Microsoft?

Bagrov: “In my opinion, Ray Ozzie would have been a very good candidate. Two years ago before leaving Microsoft he wrote a memo that sounds prophetic now.”

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