Roundtable: A Very Market Data Thanksgiving

By Faye Kilburn

Faye Kilburn of Inside Market Data speaks to industry insiders, including Alexey Utkin of DataArt, about what development, event or issue in the market data industry they are grateful for, and not, in time for Thanksgiving.

Alexey Utkin, UK financial services practice leader, DataArt: One major development in the market data world is the adoption of the app or widget store concept by data vendors, such as Bloomberg's App Portal and SuperDerivatives' DGX store. This should help facilitate value-added functionality development and allow smaller players to enter the market. In light of this, one area of functionality to especially benefit from additional innovation is data visualization.

Such visualizations go beyond traditional charts and allow for innovative interaction with multi-dimensional data. Obviously, unlike a datafeed case, visualization is dependent on presentation technology, and an app store may be the best way to deliver it.

Other things I am grateful for include the evolution in obtaining data insight via text mining, such as that offered by Social Market Analysis, while Thomson Reuters' StarMine for Credit Risk is another interesting development. Here we see the first appearance of rather sophisticated models built on top of text analytic engines, which may lead to rapid advances in these engines' accuracy and capabilities.

Utkin: With new regulations, such as FATCA and Basel III, we're entering more and more into a data management space for financial companies. And in many organizations, the data management is an area that badly needs improvements and re-engineering to address new challenges of the business environment. The fact that a push is coming from regulations with strict deadlines makes firms take shortcuts, and hence contributes even more to long-term entropy of their data management reality. And then regulators tend to use a practice of shifting a deadline at the last minute.”

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