Reward your workout with new Puls'ation app

Computer Business Review (CBR) runs a story of DataArt winning a special prize at the Future of Finance hakathon in Munich for its ingenious app Puls'ation.

“Technology consulting firm DataArt has introduced a new app, Puls'ation, that allows users to exchange calories burnt during exercise for tangible rewards. The app has been designed for the iPhone and Apple Watch, and will allow users to tracks calories burnt and get the data exchanged for voucher points, gym discounts, charity donations, and sports shoes. The app won the (API sponsor) special prize at Burda Hackday: Future of Finance event held in Munich earlier this month.

DataArt Capital markets senior vice president Alexander Makeyenkov said: "These apps bring mobile banking closer to people's lives. Currently, retail financial and insurance companies know very little about their clients and are exposed and threatened by the greater engagement and customer insight held by the Googles and Apples of the world. Many retail financial companies are trying to turn the table by building their own innovation centres and supporting bankathones, looking into new ways to get a connection to their client base through wearable apps."

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