Ready or not, iPhone 5S pushes apps into the 64-bit future

by Stephen Shankland

“Developers are variously enthusiastic and skeptical about the benefits of 64-bit mobile programming, but plenty expect gains from other features in the Apple A7 chip that will arrive in flagship iPhones on Friday.” CNET runs a feature on a new processor architecture and consults with DataArt’s engineers on its implications for iOS developers

“Even if developer tools make the 64-bit transition easy, programmers must deal with more versions of their software. They have to build new versions, test them all, and debug them all. It's what programmers are paid to put up with, but that doesn't make it fun.

"There is a potential for fragmentation," said Anton Garkusha, senior software developer for DataArt, which writes apps for financial institutions including Plastyc. "We already have two types of screens (Retina/non-Retina), screens' aspect ratio, and now we can have more types of processors… Let's see what Apple will offer to developers to decrease the overhead required to make two versions of the application. I am pretty sure that iOS SDK will give developers a smooth and simple way to support both versions of the applications, maybe even without a line of code."”

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