Re-engineered Globally

By Amrita Singh

Global Services continues to point that Russia is as an offshore destination of choice for many, and is specifically “very attractive for engineering work, as almost 50 percent of the student population in the country majors in technology, science or engineering, which is far more than in China, India, Japan or the U.S. Moreover, Russian science graduates spend between five and six years at university before entering the workforce, ensuring a more thorough training, according to Russoft, the Russian IT association.”

The article points to DataArt as a provider of engineering services in financial, telecom, media and life sciences domains, which differentiates itself with high-end projects. “We do new application development, and software R&D in our chosen verticals. We serve both end users (e.g. investment banks) and third-party software manufacturers (ISVs), primarily in the mid-size sector,” says Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt.

“The advantage [of engineering services offshoring] is in the combination of cost and value, which make certain types of high-end, analytical work very relevant to Russia,” says Miller. “While cost is comparable to destinations like India, the quality of easily available R&D talent [in Russia] is higher. Russia has the resources to offer for advanced mathematical research, quantitative analytics, etc.”

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