Questions Are Obsolete - The Information Is Out There

Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, contributes an article to Huffpost Tech UK, exploring the implications of widely accessible personal information on political tactics as well as other areas of our lives.

"With the advent of social media now more than ever information about our beliefs, our values, our ideas and us is publicly available.Combine this with the ability for artificial intelligence platforms to analyse large amounts of data in record time, it is entirely possible to predict behaviour from the information we, and the people we know happily share with the world.

The simple fact is questions are no longer necessary, to find out your preference for political party, coffee brand, film genre, anything…During the 2016 Brexit referendum and US Presidential election Cambridge Analytica combined data mining, analysis and strategic communications to target voters on behalf of the Leave campaign, Ted Cruz’s campaign and finally Donald Trump’s campaign.

For the first time ever political leaders will actually know your concerns, ever worried that the man or woman in Whitehall or on the Hill doesn’t get your life? Well now they will. For the first time ever, consumer brands will be able to tailor products that directly service your needs. For the first time ever, what you feel, your preferences and what you want will be known and harnessed to deliver better products, better services and even better politics."

View original article here.

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