Productivity and Legacy IT Architectures...

By Cliff Moyce

Management Services Journal offers insight from Cliff Moyce, Global Head of Financial Services Practice at DataArt, as he discusses technology approaches for overcoming legacy IT architectures issues, and discusses their cultural and organizational implications.

“When computing became ubiquitous in administrative environments in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was welcomed as an opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processing… And yet 30 years later we look at extant (‘legacy’) IT systems architectures as representing the biggest barrier to productivity in some types of organisation.

Re-designing an entire architecture is not a trivial undertaking, and building/buying and implementing replacement systems will take a long time. Long before a new architecture could ever be implemented the organisation will have launched new products and services; changed existing business processes; experienced changes to regulations; witnessed the birth of a disruptive technology; encountered new competitors; exited a particular business sector and entered others. All of these things conspire to make your redesign invalid before it is live.”

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