Preparing for Cyber Attacks. What Healthcare Organizations Need to Do to Stay Secure

By Egor Kobelev

Egor Kobelev, Vice President of Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt, shares with Executive Insight some simple and inexpensive ways of improving security in healthcare organizations, and advises a multilayered approach to security.

“You can get a significant boost in security without a comparable boost in spending. Security, while tightly coupled with information technologies, is not entirely an IT issue. Watchful, alert employees are one of the most important components of cybersecurity. Because criminals know most workers are responsive and trusting, they often use attacks that exploit human vulnerabilities rather than IT.

The best way to address such vulnerabilities is to establish company-wide security awareness training initiatives that may include classroom style training sessions, security awareness websites, hints, posters and flyers. Such initiatives usually cost only a fraction of spending for what is known as IT security, but could contribute to security in a meaningful and significant way.

Though change in security landscape is exponential, legislation is only incremental. Compliance-oriented mindset leads to the security strategy which addresses some past reality leaving patients' data unprotected from new challenges that arose after the legislation was passed.”

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