People Can Relax: Robot Healthcare Is not About to Take Over, Says Life Sciences Tech Consultant

By Roman Chernyshev

Roman Chernyshev, SVP of Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, writes for IoT global network on the speed and extent of AI adoption in healthcare.

“Just because robots are intelligent, does not mean that adoption will be quick. There are many hoops to jump through, issues to be resolved, and a huge number of tests and investigations that still need to take place before AI gains sufficient trust in healthcare.

Legal frameworks have to evolve to allow data that is now considered sensitive to flow freely in widely distributed environments. Today’s technology combines services and components that can be anywhere in the world and all of this needs to be secure, and legally compliant.

Getting to the point where AI will be deemed as accountable as human doctors today will take years. Adoption of such services will not start with the public sector. The retail and consumer space will pave the way. It will require a long trial period and evolution in a wide range of consumer services before AI makes its way to wide adoption in healthcare.”

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