Outlook 2016: Alexei Miller, DataArt

Markets Media features a Q&A session with Alexei Miller, Managing Partner at DataArt, who reflects on the major themes for DataArt in 2015 and shares expectations for 2016. Miller emphasizes outstanding growth and increasing complexity of projects that DataArt is trusted with, while observing a growing demand for the company's expertise in the coming year. 

“Markets are enjoying a six-year long bull market and we are no exception. We continue to double in size every three years... Clients trust us with critical information… We have now entered the "big leagues" of technology consulting and development firms and intend to make it our home.

DataArt has done a lot of work in refining core focus areas and expect to bring a lot of new business in 2016: Digital Banking, Data Management, Innovations in Trading and Business Process Management. These business themes, cross-influenced by issues of cybersecurity, execution efficiency, and regulation will offer a very interesting mix of projects next year.Financial firms have a tremendous amount of legacy technology that is crying out for modernization, all while they have to deal with rapidly changing customer behavior, both in the retail and institutional markets. They have no choice but invest more in technology and work with trusted partners to get it done quickly. The opportunity for us is very large, we just have to grab it.”

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