Opportunities and Challenges for Travel Brands Using AI

Phocuswire posts an overview of the travel and hospitality session of DataArt’s IT NonStop 2020 online conference, quoting panelists who share their experiences of using AI.

«DataArt senior vice president of travel and hospitality Greg Abbott began the discussion by asking for reaction to a statistic that 50% to 90% of all AI/machine learning projects fail.»

Arnold Bramnick, CTO of Norwegian Cruise Line says:

«You have to have very clear reasonable targets, you have to have a reasonable size problem to solve and you have to have absolute buy-in from the teams that are going to be using it.»

Hudson Crossing co-founder and partner George Roukas says part of the confusion can be blamed on the technology industry, which has been allowed to put ‘comes with AI’ on its products indiscriminately. He says:

«We’ve really done a disservice to our clients in totally mucking up the definition of AI. What is it, what are you buying, what are you thinking you’re going to get out of it.»

«There’s a lot of responsibility on our part to make sure that people understand what exactly this stuff is and how it’s going to give them some sort of an outcome, not just an output.»

«Anna Jaffe, CEO of Mobi Systems, says her company considers AI to come in three forms: automation, which means digitizing tasks that are better handled by technology than humans; artificial intelligence, which includes tasks that humans do well and AI is still learning to do, such as natural language processing; and associative intelligence, which Jaffe defines as thing people cannot do, such as processing huge quantities of data in real time and in context.»

Original article can be found here.

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